Relationship Advice For Women


We’ve pooled some of the very best dating tips and relationship resources so we could Two little girls and a boy in sitting on front steps, the boy is kissing one. The other needs some dating advice for women.present them to you in easily digestible articles and product reviews.

Men are difficult to understand at the best of times. This goes up several notches when it comes to affairs of the heart.

  • We explain how men think and feel.
  • We describe the emotional roller coaster that men go through when falling in love.
  • You’ll learn what to do and how to react, without being false to yourself or changing who you essentially are
  • We’ll guide you to a relationship with the man of your dreams that is both fulfilling and lasting.

If you can be honest with yourself we can help you get there. Just browse the titles below and click on one that makes sense for your relationship.

For a quick smile be sure to read the “Then & Now” Dating Tips For Women in the boxes throughout the page!


Toxic Relationships 


Are you are involved in a relationship, where it appears as if you can’t do anything that pleases the other person, can’t be your authentic self or it’s all about them and your feelings aren’t respected? Our articles on toxic relationships reveal the typical traits of toxic people.

Meet The Manipulator who manages your life by intimidation; The Liar who strives to impress you with false promises, The Dominator who knows all about everything (just ask him) and other toxic people.

Gather pertinent information about toxic relationships so that you can make a conscious decision to dump or not to dump a toxic person.

In Toxic Men and Why It's Hard To Leave Them you’ll have an opportunity to examine types of toxic men, such as Mr. Player – you know, that needy-adorable guy, who strums your heartstrings like a 6-string Fender.

Finally, Toxic Relationships unveils the truth to the age-old question – Can this relationship be fixed?

Take your power back! You can be the decider about people you embrace in your life.



How to Kiss a Man to Make Him Fall In Love With You


This is brand new just off the press from Michael Fiore and team Digital Romance, so we thought to give you a heads up.  You would be wrong to think this isn't anything more than a refresher course of skills already possessed.

Look closer and you'll find there is solid intel for someone just learning the ropes to women much older looking to fine tune their love making. Check out our review to see if it's a worthy addition to your relationships toolkit.



What Do Men Want In A Relationship?


8124486_sWell, here's a shocker! Sex doesn't appear on the Top 3 list of things men really want from a woman! Of course, men want sex. They want it all the time and they want you to want it too.

It's also fair to say your sexual energy was what attracted him to you. But, if you want to be the kind of woman that men appreciate, adore and fall in love with, you must keep him interested outside the bedroom.

Here's a challenge: put the three essentials men want from a woman into practice. He will believe you're the most wonderful woman on earth!



Language Of Desire 

What can we say about Language of Desire by Felicity Keith, except it's about time! Keith's revolutionary program fills the gap between wifely duty and adventurous sex.

Do you want to transition from nice to naughty in 10 easy steps?

Keith promises you'll tap into your "primal sexuality" regardless of age or marital status. You'll learn new words; new moves and techniques, which could be blusher-making to the inexperienced.

However, talking dirty is a phenomenal way to delve into your own desires, escalate your sex life and form a lifetime emotional link with your perfect mate.

Michael Fiore is a believer, having launched Language of Desire in October 2014. Fiore is a relationship coach and top-notch author, who has boosted many fledgling writers up the ladder of success.

Read our full Language of Desire review here.



 Dating Tips For Women


Then: In 1938, Click Photo-Parade posted an article with Dating Advice for Women. Here are snippets from the article:

“Do your dressing in your boudoir to keep your allure. Be ready to go when he arrives.”

“If you need a brassiere, wear one. Don’t tug at your girdle and be sure your stockings aren’t wrinkled.”

“Careless women never appeal to gentlemen. Don’t talk while dancing, for when a man dances, he wants to dance.”

“Don’t drink too much, as a man wants you to keep your dignity all evening. Drinking may make some girls seem clever, but most get silly.”

Our Verdict: These dating tips for women are a bit condescending, but not terrible. Although, we’re still trying to figure out what makes a woman careless if she talks while dancing.


Online Dating Advice For Newbies & The More Experienced


32577223_mHave you ever wished you could hocus pocus a terrific man via online dating? Unfortunately, our magic wands are out-of-stock. We can't manifest a guy from air. But we can show you how to stop dreaming about your prince and create a dynamite online dating profile that will serve to intrigue your ideal guy.

We will demonstrate the smart online dating approach for attracting quality men. If you want to take control of your dating life, we'll reveal strategies that improve your online dating experience.
You will understand the potent power of a positive attitude.
Finally, your safety is paramount. Our step-by-step precautions will extricate you anytime you perceive a situation is dangerous.
Check out our post for the best online dating tips.



Ready To Start Dating After Divorce?


mature kissing on park bench because they are dating again after divorce

Exhausted with fortune cookie wisdom, when what you really want are rock-solid facts about dating after divorce? We hear you!

"Dating after Divorce" begins at the point of divorce. It goes gently through the healing phase and concludes with smart dating after divorce.

You will:

  • Conquer fear of failure.
  • Re-claim self-esteem.
  • Get informed about multi-dating by the numbers.
  • Learn pitfalls of dating after divorce with children.
  • Recognize when to start dating after divorce.
  • Avoid common dating after divorce mistakes.
  • Discover difference between selected and selective dating.

"Dating after Divorce" provides deeply-sensitive information you want and deserve.



In 1945, Family Circle published Dentyne ads, containing relationship advice for women.

“Make believe you’ve heard his oldest jokes for the first time, serve him his favorite dish better than he ever tasted before and tempt him with Dentyne!”



Long Distance Relationships


African american couple parting at station about to start a long distance relationshipParticipating in a long distance relationship (LDR) is like peeling a 10 pound onion. You cry a lot.

In How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work you'll learn innovative ways to communicate with each other, that you (probably) never knew existed. You don't get his hugs anymore. You can't even gaze adoringly into his eyes unless you hook-up on Skype or something like it. How does it feel to kiss a computer screen?

Factor in that females are impetuous where love is concerned and tend to leap without looking.

So - what if we were standing on the ground - holding a human sized basket to break your fall? In essence, How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work serves as that basket. Take out the advice you need, when you need it.

When LDRs crash and burn, it's usually because the couple failed to make a plan. Conducting a long term relationship without a plan is like meditating in a bowling alley. Make a plan…work your plan…make it work!


How To Talk To A Man


Guys have the attention span of a goldfish. Do you ever get the feeling you could read to him from the dictionary and he wouldn't know the difference?

You may not be talking his specific language!

We'll introduce three different types of men. According to your man's type, you'll learn to speak his particular love lingo. You'll know what to say and when to say it, to get what you want. He'll think it was his idea and move heaven and earth to get it for you.



Dating Advice For Women


Since time immemorial, dating advice for women says – Don’t put out on the first date. The infamous “Third Date Rule”, circa 1980s was implemented (by somebody anonymous) to dictate guidelines for women concerning sexual behavior:

Put out on the first date and you’re labeled a slut; three dates are a respectable length of time to engage in sex.

Our Verdict: The idea that sex is a must-do after three dates, stinks like high school peer pressure. We say, relax and let sex happen naturally, as it will when two people are attracted to each other.


Problems With Texting?


The Problem With TextingWe live in a hurry-up society. Since texting launched, some couples even practice brevity in their relationship. But, screen-to-screen messages were never intended to replace telephone conversations or face-to-face dialogue.

Relationship maintenance or even – horrors – breaking up with someone via texting is becoming the rule rather than the exception. Be mindful that real communication incorporates body language and vocal inflections.

You owe it to yourself to explore the problem with texting  before embracing a digital relationship.


Can You Make Him Fall In Love?


The planets are aligned; the signs are right to love this man! But, you don't want to say it first. You want to make him to fall in love right back.

Men aren't as intuitive as women. They appreciate your putting forth a strong effort to let them know you care. Begin with beaucoups of compliments.

You'll learn to set boundaries and teach him to respect them. You'll find out why you should never "dumb down" when you're with him.

Real love happens on a soul level. We'll show you how to peek through the windows of his soul and allow him a glimpse into yours.



Then: Dating Tips For Women, courtesy of Women’s Own, 1950:

“The man always does the ordering. Never ask the waiter for anything yourself.”

Now: Of course you’re capable of ordering your own food! But, out of respect for your date’s wallet, find out what he’s having and order something similar.


Obsession Phrases


Kelsey Diamond Obsession PhrasesAre you exhausted from first dates who don't call back?

Are you frustrated from getting dumped because it's not you, it's me?

Are you willing to try 'most anything – unless it's illegal or fattening – to break through his defenses?

Sounds like Kelsey Diamond's Obsession Phrases may be that man-management course you have been waiting for.

There are no erotic toys to buy…no love potions to mix…no magic spells to cast. Just commit emotional trigger phrases to memory and put them into play at the correct time.

Learn key Obsession Phrases that make a man obey your every whim and think it was his idea. Better than holding a gun to his head, right?


Want To Get Him to Commit?


Get Him To Commit with a gun and a contractIt's the way of the world – women value commitment more than men. As this article points out, even in a well-matched relationship, your guy may not be invested in your commitment timeline. For example, you're naming the babies and he's thinking about his next golf game.

Learn how guys just want to be in the relationship, instead always talking about the relationship. Men demonstrate their feelings through non-verbal clues.

This article explores feminine behaviors that push masculine procrastination buttons. Exhibit these negative behaviors and HE WILL NEVER PROPOSE!

You can't nag your man to the altar. You can chink away at his commitment issues, while leading him to believe the proposing was his own idea.


Are We Compatible?


Are We CompatibleSuppose you're chardonnay and lace and you've connected with a magnificent man who is longnecks and jeans. Before totally immersing yourself in a relationship, it's a good idea to explore the compatibility factor.

Save yourself a big heartache by getting to know about his views and values. Communication flows with the fluidity of soft butter on a warm croissant when two people share similar worldviews. Compatibility walks hand-in-hand with the comfort and happiness you are entitled to experience in romantic relationships.

This in no way indicates you can't be compatible with your opposite. If the two of you complement each other, there is a very good chance the relationship will thrive. Often, opposites attract because they truly complete each other.

So, don't ditch your gorgeous guy in tight-fitting jeans just yet. He may possess qualities you admire. Just take time to really know him and assess the compatibility factor before you commit.


Does He Want To Marry Me?


Getting a guy to say the "M" word is like hunting four leaf clovers with a bow and arrow. But, anything is possible when you learn to read his non-verbal love clues.

We designed several open-ended questions for you to ask. They will get your man used to the idea of talking about marriage. We'll reveal when to pursue "the conversation" and how to make him comfortable you aren't putting on the pressure.

One thing is pretty certain. Your man is not going to initiate talk about rings and things. It's up to you savvy lady!


What Is Cheating In A Relationship?


Nowadays, cheating is in the eye of the beholder. Cyber-sex, phone-sexting, graphic e-mails and office tête-à-têtes are enough to make your head feel like a spinning top. Just about everything we knew concerning cheating in a relationship is sooo yesterday.

Yesterday's straightforward definition of cheating began with a kiss and led to physical infidelity. Today, it appears no two people agree about where the line is drawn between innocent flirtations and cheating.

In this article, you solidify your personal definition of cheating in a relationship. You and your man engage in productive dialogue and come to "a meeting of the minds".


Why Men Pull Away


"It's not you, it's me", is the typical excuse in man-talk for he wants to pull away. What does that even mean? Is he running scared because he fears commitment? Did he find someone else to love?

Some guys simply enjoy the thrill of the chase. Once he's "caught" you, he gets bored and ready to move on to the next conquest. Or, perhaps he has an antiquated mindset concerning "loose" women, who put out too soon.

That's his bad, not yours...


Capture His Heart


Capture his heart review product boxWhen Michael Fiore – relationship coach and international best-selling author – invited Clare Casey under his umbrella… it was all over but the counting! And we're not talking raindrops.Casey, author of Capture His Heart stays crazy-busy counting the proceeds.

But, seriously, if you need a positive difference in your love life, this one's for you. Work Casey's program and you will: Get out of desperation mode and attract your ideal man. Flip a mind-switch that activates his commitment desire. Compel him to chase you until you choose to catch him.

Still Undecided? Michael Fiore is living proof the program works. After all, didn't Fiore's fiancée capture his heart using techniques Casey provided?

Find out if Capture His Heart is right for you in our complete review.


Is He Having An Emotional Affair?


Emotional Affairs are escalating! Men are opening up to share their emotions with another woman. Concurrently, women are participating in sexual affairs. Both types of affairs are wrecking havoc on monogamous relationships.

If you suspect your man could be involved in an emotional affair, watch for evidence of secrets, lies and subtle changes. Is he taking a sudden interest in his appearance? Is he distracted most of the time?

Find out the difference between physical and emotional affairs. And in the event your suspicions pan-out, we've designed a sample action plan. Whether or not you and your guy decide to work on the relationship, you'll have tools for repair and recovery.



Keeping Men Interested


Do interestingMen get bored easily. In order to keep a guy interested, we suggest you act in your own best interests. Don't live in limbo, waiting for someday when your prince will come.

In this interactive article, we'll show you the art of advanced flirting. Then, you will put your cutesy skills into practice with real, live men.

You'll learn the correct time to increase intensity in a relationship. You have the power!

In the meantime, keep the focus on him. The more a guy talks about himself, the more interesting he believes you are!


No Doubt Relationships Can Be Tough but they don't have to be.

Whether you are looking to improve a relationship or start a new one there are some serious questions to consider: from attracting him to intimacy issues

  • Is he the right guy for you?
  • Are you the right one for him?
  • How do you proceed?
  • Or ... do you walk away?
  • Is this the right thing to do?

Thanks for looking over Relationship Advice For Women