Will Capture His Heart Make Him Love You Forever?


Down deep, what a woman wants is to love and be loved back.Red, Black and White product box. Text says "Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever"

Women want ultimate commitment. But, women have been conditioned to believe beauty and youth attract all the ideal men.

These are false beliefs, which have been force-fed us and are no longer palatable.

First, men and women both want the same thing and it’s far more than sex.

And true love is found as often by women who are not young or beautiful – if they know how to capture his heart!

  • Are you expert at getting over being dumped?
  • Do you feel like a failure in Meaningful Relationships 101?
  • Do you wish you knew the secrets to getting your man and keeping him?

Sounds like you might be the perfect candidate for the Claire Casey’s  “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever” program.

Every woman who takes advantage of Claire’s “secrets” receives an implied promise she will successfully capture his heart.


Our Capture His Heart Review:

The Synchronistic Back-story ...

You’re likely familiar with Michael Fiore, relationship guru who has authored self-help books and appeared on national TV, including the Rachel Ray Show.

Rather ironically, this dispenser of love advice was a player without a notion to entertain commitment. Until…he met a captivating woman who “flipped a switch in my mind”.

He became quickly obsessed and just as quickly did a total 360 to fall unequivocally in love.

No doubt, the woman, now Fiore’s fiancée, triggered his need to commit. During the “getting to know you” phase of their relationship, Fiore wanted to know “how” she did it.

She divulged that Claire Casey, her mentor, had given her step-by-step instructions showing her exactly how to capture his heart.

Upon meeting with Claire, she revealed hidden relationship secrets and eventually agreed to their collaboration. Fiore created the Capture His Heart online program.


And ... Then What Happened?

Once the digital product was released the internet exploded with testimonies from women who have successfully used the product.

Comments like a “Secret Superpower” for attracting men are common.

However, the thread that unites the romantic tapestry is the word “difference”.  Almost every woman who commented spoke about the positive difference the program made in their life.

So, what did all these women learn that we don't know (yet)?



The Introduction

The Intro is motivational-speak to encourage women to believe in themselves and believe in the program.

She affirms: lots of incredible men are out there, waiting for you; you are destined to have a successful relationship with your dream guy; this is within your reach.


Part 1: Unlocking his Head and Looking Inside


 The first section starts with a 10-minute quiz for discerning your current relationship personality. After you complete the program, you'll re-take the quiz to determine how much it changed your love life.

Then, you'll discover "Why Men Love to Chase Women". The modern man has an innate hunter-warrior, who loves the thrill of the hunt. Only now, it's not bears and buffalos, but women who are the ultimate reward.

But --- why aren't dozens of hunter-warriors chasing you? Could it be due to "The Secret Invisible Obstacle Course"? Claire contends seven obstacles stand between your dream man and you. The first, you could probably guess – he's shaking-in- his-boots-scared.

Pay as much attention to these obstacles as your Thanksgiving meal. You'll be giving thanks later after learning the obstacles keeping you from connecting with men.

In the final section of Part 1, you are instructed to "Burn your 'Perfect Man' Checklist, then Stomp on the Ashes".

The author blasts everything you thought you knew about "The Law of Attraction" into tiny smithereens. Ms Casey extracts three promises from you:

  1.  "Draw a line in the sand, step over it and tell your past to stay put."
  2.  Practice this affirmation, "I am filled with power."
  3.  Believe in your beautiful future.


Part 2 – Unleashing Your Inner Siren


Part 2 consists of 10 sections

  • "How to Awaken Unsettling Primal Urges in a Man"
  • "Wake up Gorgeous – Eight Hours to Unbelievably Sexy" (sections 2-9) and
  • "Seven Massive Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs".

The primal urges Claire refers to are awakened by asking powerful questions contained on a downloadable worksheet, making him feel good and becoming a male-magnet. Or, in the author's words – "Little magnet, little men. Strong magnet, strong and exciting men".

She will show you how to change from the woman men ignore to a sensuous siren that men are compelled to meet. By this point, you already believe you are beautiful. Well, don't you?

In the next eight sections, you will awaken your gorgeousness. You are on the cusp of being irresistible to bajillions of men. That's what being a siren is all about!

Even Claire admits you probably already know some of the seven massive mistakes she addresses. If so, consider them a heads-up.

The crux of this chapter is what happens when your animal magnetism meets his primal urges. Say with me – Grrr!


Part 3 – Holy Sh*t It's Working…Now What?


By this point in the program, Claire contends you should be grazing from "The Man Buffet". Your man magnet is running on full tilt throttle.

The author writes: "Dating someone doesn't mean you're planning to marry him." Why is it that the simplest statement can have the profoundest impact? Again, this is not new information.

However, when you're desperation dating, every man becomes "the one". Claire wants you to position yourself to: "Want a man, don't Need a man". You can do that by adopting a gratitude attitude and letting go of blaming yourself for unpleasant past relationships.

Next is "Ordering at the Man Buffet". You'll learn about different types of men, such as "Man's Man, Foreign Guy and Shy Guy". A questionnaire shows what not to order at the Man Buffet. For example the man who doesn't like your friends and they don't like him is one you should "send back to the kitchen".

Our Verdict: The Man Buffet is a cutesy concept that doesn't contain new and exciting dishes. Common sense and life experience will present most everything covered in this section. Read it anyway. You may find something inspiring and we all must hear some things for the first time somewhere.

The final section is all about commitment. Another checklist will evidence whether or not "He's Marriage Material". We like the section that answers the question – "Should you Simply Date or are you Ready for Commitment".

Women have been conditioned to "date to marry". Claire shows you how just dating helps you to lighten up, have fun and be your authentic self. Believe it, you will learn a lot about yourself in the process.

The section wraps-up with tips on understanding the true nature of commitment and communication.


Part 4: Keep Him Panting at your Feet…Forever


The final chapter kicks-off with re-taking the Quiz in Part 1 for comparison.

Section 1 addresses "Getting your Man to Commit". The gist is that your hunter-warrior has chased you until you catch him. The focus is "Do's and Don'ts" leading to commitment. It serves as a mini-plan for getting him to commit.

The author's working definition of commitment is – "the period of time AFTER you date non-exclusively, when you are only dating one guy and the two of you plan to eventually marry."

Section two answers the "Two Biggest Sex and Love Questions"

  1.  Should you ever have sex on the first date?
  2.  Should you be the first to say "I love you"?

We say…No, No, No…ten thousand times no.

What if you muck-up? No worries. We agree with Mother Claire, you're allowed a Whoopsie Daisy. (Hint: Get back in line at the Man Buffet.)

We think Claire does a brilliant job at soothing your shattered self-esteem and offers further direction.

Chapter Four "What's that Ringing in His Ears…Wedding Bells?" begins with "12 Signs He's Ready for Marriage".

She reiterates you're probably compatible with lots of men, but they only have one chance to win the prize of YOU.

Now this, we admit, is startling – once you've found your man, who is available and appears ready to get married – Claire gives you permission to "pop the question".

Eureka! The WOW factor we've been expecting!

Imagine breaking free from layers of conditioning where females must wait for the guy to propose or issue ultimatums like "pony-up with a ring or hit the road".

It's OK to to ask him to marry you. If he says "no", you can quit wasting your time.

Finally, the (short) wrap-up – "Never Quit Letting Him Woo and Win You" – and a "Great Big Final Quiz Worksheet"



Here are our observations from an over-all perspective:

Does Capture His Heart Address Beauty?

Photo image of Author Claire Casey

Author Claire Casey

This is one of our favorite aspects of the program.

Claire quickly disabuses the long-held fallacy women must be beautiful in order to attract a man.

Looking through male eyes, physical beauty does not top the list of desirable traits in his ideal woman.
Of course, no man would mind being with a beautiful woman, but what really pushes his love button is how the total woman presents herself.

Men sit up and take notice of women with a playful nature.  Good-natured women have an aura of comfort, which, in turn, gives them permission to be themselves. Women who are fun to be with to cast a beautiful light that men find irresistible.

Our Verdict:

Knowing that beauty and youth aren’t essential can boost women’s self-confidence. Is Self-Confidence Really All That? Modern men are bored by needy women.

Another false belief that Claire exposes is that self-confident, independent women intimidate men. In fact, the self-assured, successful woman inspires and excites him.

Our Verdict:

Savvy women can breathe a sigh of relief.

You don’t have to play the “needy” card. Just be your authentic self. Men find authenticity refreshing.



  What Do Real People Say About Capture His Heart?


"Optimistic about love…for the first time in a long time!

Most of my friends have no idea what it’s like to be single.
They have good 
intentions, but their advice is usually way off. This program is like 
talking to a smart friend who GETS it.

Claire has made me feel 
optimistic about love for the first time in a long time.

The modules are 
really fun to go through, and the worksheets are actually helpful (I was 
a little skeptical about the exercises, but they work!). I’d 
enthusiastically recommend this program to any woman who has become 
discouraged about finding the right guy.”

– Rachel H. (Testimony from the Capture His Heart website)

I have a secret superpower now…

“Claire is like the no-BS, wiser friend I wish I had.

She’s a 
sweetheart, but she’ll give it to you straight… and no philosophical 
crap either– just real, useful step-by-step advice. I’ve learned so 
much and I really do feel like I have a secret superpower now.

As an 
added bonus, this stuff is FUN!

So if you were thinking homeworky 
drudgery, don’t. You’re going to have a blast with it.”

-- Sonja F. (Testimony from the Capture His Heart website)


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What About Emotional Maturity?

Women are accused of wearing their emotions on their sleeves.
Men tend to run from their emotions.

This brings to light a crucial difference in the way men and women think.

At some point in the relationship, conflicts arise from differing perceptions about life, love or where to eat dinner.

The way  each partner addresses conflicts will determine whether the relationship will go forward or stall.

Emotionally mature women communicate their questions and concerns in a calm, forthright manner.

It is most unfortunate, but many women resort to blaming and shaming. Some have emotional melt downs.

The worst way to attempt conflict resolution is by comparing him with other men, especially if you put him in a bad light.

Our Verdict:

Good communication skills rank highly among the desirable traits men seek in women.


How Can I Flip a Switch in His Mind?

According to Claire, having early onset sex kills your chances for a committed relationship.

This goes against everything women have been conditioned to believe about sex!

Believe it anyway!

By carefully following Claire’s techniques, you’ll make an emotional connection. He will get good-addicted to you and be willing to wait for the right time, right place for intimacy.

Our Verdict:

Keep making the correct moves to ensure he sees you as the most desirable woman on the planet – past, present and future!


CHH product image including box, booklets, workbook and CD"s



Final Words

Does This Really Work?

There are thousands of women saying yes.

Claire Casey is charming and disarming, it’s hard not to feel as though you’ve known her for a long time as a trusted and wise friend.

She may not have all your answers but we’re betting she’ll cover most of what you’re struggling with in your relationships.

There’s a private forum that’s buzzing as well – girls are sharing experiences and new found knowledge from the program.

When you purchase Claire Casey’s Capture His Heart system, you will get a full two month guarantee, if you feel that Capture His Heart didn’t deliver on its promise – simply email for a full refund.

Visit The Official Capture His Heart Website 


Thank you for reading our Capture His Heart Review!