How To Get Him To Commit


Cow girl has her cowboy against a tree trying to get him to commit with a gun to his chin!

It’s time we got hitched cowboy!

Just grab a gun, pen and a contract: you’re all set.

And you thought it was gonna be tough! Just Kidding!

The trick is how to get him to commit that won’t get you 5-20 before parole.

You just need to be the woman he wants to commit to. Get this right and you are in it for life.

I didn’t say that to piss you off, but you’re the one thinking things are good between you and your partner so why is he dragging out a proposal?

I’d bet you’re pretty sure you’re marriage material, right?

You may already be, yet most guys will tell ya that if its all good like you think and he’s not on his knees yet, then there is something your man is thinking about, or more accurately his gut is telling him, that he should pull back on the reigns.

 The Four Importances How To Get Him to Commit


The Importance of Being Compatible

The  most vital importance of  how to keep a man is being compatible with him. If the two of you don’t see eye-to-eye, why would you want to attach your fine self to a man who remains a touch beyond your reach?

Do you keep investing your time and your heart in men who say they care – even say they love you – but don’t make the tiniest effort to commit?

Do you find yourself making excuses for him when he fails to give you the attention you want?

The best way to gauge where you and your guy rank on the compatibility meter is to think about how you feel when you’re with him. Do you feel happy or helpless? Do you feel like you’re walking on clouds or eggshells?

The worst way to discern a compatible relationship is by the degree you want it to work. If you desperately want it to work, then you and he are incompatible. A successful relationship can’t be defined by self-doubt, fears of abandonment or unrealistic expectations.

Women who embrace wonderful relationships don’t experience wonderful relationships because the Guru sprinkled pixie dust over them. They simply do not let incompatible men into their lives.

However, if you are invested in a compatible relationship and you want to learn how to get him to commit, we can help.


The Importance of "Getting" Him

Getting your man is not like getting groceries or getting a new pet. It's about getting his essence. What makes him tick? It's about getting what he wants you to know about what he wants, but is either scared or doesn't know how to articulate.

More than one man has expressed something to the effect of – I would treasure a woman who really "gets" me…a woman who didn’t try to change me.

You've heard all of your life that men and women speak a different language. You've even heard that men keep a tight rein on their emotions. Yet, you probably don't know how to understand your man because you haven't been taught how to relate to him.

It's evidently encoded in man's DNA to be the protector, to never show vulnerability and always be in control. Blame it on the cave man. He lived in constant fear. Whether his threat was from a wild animal or another cave man trying to steal his cave woman, he was always on the lookout, in case he had to defend her from danger.

Modern men are said to have a "genetic memory", which is the main reason they have a hard time opening up and showing their feelings. Many men are always in a defensive posture and have a suspicious nature.

As women, we expect quite the opposite. We expect our man to exhibit traits similar to ours - to nurture, love and commit - excepting they have had no basic training.

So, we fall in love with their potential. We give up our woman-power, our interests, passions and favorite activities to focus on "fixing" our guy. The more direction and suggestions we offer, the more energy and effort we expend.

Eventually it will become apparent you are dedicated to a cause, instead of experiencing the committed relationship you desire and deserve.

Here is something else you were not taught – men want to share their feelings with the right woman.


The Importance of Being Clear

Here is a secret about men you can use starting now: men viewtheir inner-emotional world as a foreign and fearsome place. Since the Paleolithic era, men have been conditioned to operate intellectually instead of emotionally. They aren't experienced in the art of exploring feelings.

Females tend to label men "insensitive", when actually they are every bit as sensitive as women. What we see as rebelliousness, is really a guy without a clue to accessing his feelings.

If you want to watch your man's eyes glaze over with about as much comprehension as a rhinoceros, ask him – how are you feeling?

The same applies to all questions of an emotional nature. If he remains silent, he's not ignoring the question; he is processing what you said and trying to get in touch with his feelings.

Slow down. Don't pour your heart out in one breath. Be very clear about what you want to say. Let there be silence while he attempts to access his feelings.

Physical touch may help your guy get out of his head and get into his heart. Put your hand on his shoulder or give him a hug. He likes for you to touch him. It may be just the right impetus to divert his logical thinking pattern into a more sensitive state.

This "new" way of communicating with men will take practice. For example, we rarely ask for what we want. Traditionally, we drop a few hints. This is our way to test him, to find out what he thinks, rather than face the risk of stating our opinion.

Being vague about what is upsetting us make men feel manipulated. Men want us to say what is on our mind. Be clear. Be honest. Be direct.

We're not suggesting you become subservient. It's no longer obligatory to fetch the "King's" pipe and slippers when he gets home. If you have a pressing need to talk, it's no longer compulsory to feed him first. Those days passed with the "Leave it to Beaver" era.

We are saying that learning to speak clearly; to stay in your truth goes a long way toward getting what you want. Commitment!


The Importance of Believing

A man is captivated by a woman who believes in him. When a woman expresses belief in her guy, it triggers universal man-speak: She makes me a better man!

Studies show if you believe in his dream, he will be genuinely attracted to you. Tell your man you believe he can achieve that one thing he wants more than anything else. It's so easy to do; you'll wish you would have thought of it yourself!

Your guy may not believe he can do the thing, but he sure needs to know that you believe he can do anything that is doable.

Watch for opportunities to encourage your man to pursue his passion. Actively listen to your guy express his heart's desire. Tell him you are confident in his intentions and abilities. Then step out of the way. Resist any notions to say how you would do it.

Be present. Be supportive. Believe in your guy.


 How To Keep A Man? Reverse The Thing Men Don't Like About Commitment!

The scope of this article does not permit our showing you everything you need to know about getting your man to commit. Our aim is to encourage you to stay on the right path during your journey into the world of men.

We've shown you it is possible to understand why men are the way they are. We've introduced new ways to relate to your man.

However, to reach that sweet moment of felicity, you need more. You will get more if you accept the importance of being teachable.

Therefore, our recommended course for further study is His Secret Obsession by James Bauer.

JB is one the few relationship coaches we endorse. You have our assurance we read every word of every system/program and evaluate it, before supporting the product on our website.

James Bauer is well-respected in his field. His previous best selling program "Be Irresistible" has helped women all over the world.

James program centers around what he refers to as the "Hero Principal".  He has truly figured out the signals and phrases a man "needs" to hear and feel to trigger his commitment phase. JB put together a presentation video that discusses many of the challenges you're going through right now and things you can do, starting immediately, to dramatically improve the way you understand men and the pathway to commitment.

HSO might not have all your answers but I can promise you'll learn something about men you don't already know.
If you want your guy to see you as "the one", kick back and Watch this video to the end, hang out with a great coach- you’ll learn the secrets how to keep a man and get him thinking about commitment!


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  • Andrea Robinson

    Reply Reply May 29, 2015

    The point of trying to “make it work” is certainly very true! I’ve seen couples rail at each other, badmouth each other, and accuse each other of terrible behavior while displaying that same behavior themselves.

    It’s terrible for the children and anyone else who has to be around them.

    “Trying to make it work” when it’s clearly not working is just putting more pressure on a situation that is already looking like it’s about to blow a gasket.

    Compatibility, however, is something that can be examined before all the vows and drama even get started. I would encourage people to really know what they’re getting into. Also, be wary of making promises of changing your behavior. When you promise a fiance that you’re going to “be” this or “be” that, you can probably keep it up for awhile, but eventually you’re going to be yourself. For better or for worse, living with someone day in and day out makes it very difficult to keep up a facade of perfection. Eventually, you’re going to let your hair down, so try doing it before you get married.

    Be a little vulnerable and not so impressive; if he still wants to marry you, and he probably will, then you’re both off on the right foot.


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