How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You?


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So you’ve met the man you believe is right for you but are wondering how to help him fall in love with you.

  • Are there a certain number of dates you need to go on for him to decide?
  • Is there a time limit?
  • Does he first need to know if you are sexually compatible?

You may, like many women, feel you don’t have any control whether or not a guy will fall in love with you.

Its quite normal to feel this way and there really is no definite answer.

No one should want to “make” someone fall in love, just as you shouldn’t have to change who you are so a man would fall in love with you, because it should happen naturally – right?

The good news is that you can easily get a guy to fall in love with you in just a hand full of dates.

Believe me – most men want to be in love with the woman of their dreams.
So how do you help him realize that you are that woman, how do you make him fall in love with you?


How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You- In Eight Steps


Let Him Know You Are Interested But Not Desperate

There’s nothing less attractive to a man than a desperate or needy woman.

Let him know that you are available and open to having a serious relationship but you don’t need one to be happy.

The key is to get this point across without appearing to throw yourself at him – he’ll see your confidence as a green light.

When out with him be positive and confident – after all he is probably just as nervous as you. Make him wonder if he meets your requirements instead of worrying whether you meet his. Whatever you do don’t ramble on about how you’re everything he wants in a women.

Men love women who are independent and confident..wholly opposite to clingy or needy.

Creating a slightly mysterious vibe goes a long way – and may have him instantly falling for you.


Look into His Eyes – The Windows to His Soul

Stop trying to figure out how to make him fall in love and trust in the power of eye contact – and your own gut feeling.

Beginning with the first date, make a conscious effort to continually make eye contact. Always be looking into his eyes during conversation, even if it makes you slightly uncomfortable. Remember, he can’t see you squirming on the inside! It may seem uncomfortable at first but you will learn a lot about him and about what you are really looking for in a man.

Note how you feel when he returns the look or how you feel if he averts his eyes. Is there a shift in your feelings there?

Keeping constant eye contact on a date will show him a few things about you and the type of person you are.

  • First, he will know that you’re a sincere person. Making eye contact makes people feel as if the person they are talking to is listening intently to what is being said.
  • Second, he will be able to tell how you feel about him when he sees your eyes light up in response to his comments.

Your eyes are the windows to your souls, and your souls will decide if you are a match.


Values Are Important

We all have values and these should not be compromised or used to undermine someone else’s.

Don’t be afraid to ask him about his values. Your inquisitiveness will show him that you care about getting to know him on a deeper level.

When men see that women want to know more than what’s on their resume or paycheck, they feel as if they are wanted for the right reasons.

Women who want a man for who he is and not what he has are extremely attractive and intoxicating.

Stand firm for your own values, and don’t enable or put up with behavior that is unacceptable to you. You will lose respect in his eyes and he won’t be falling in love with you.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

When out on a date, ask open ended questions such as what he likes to do when he’s not working. Questions that would lead to some great conversation and uncover mutual values and interests. The idea is to sincerely identify with each others passions.

**Guys express strong attraction toward women who demonstrate genuine kindness, compassion and generosity to others.


Honesty Is The Best Policy

Show him the real you.

That does not mean you have to totally open your entire life story to every question –but you should be honest even though it makes you somewhat vulnerable.

If he is the man you believe he is he will appreciate the honesty and not press you on points that you don’t want to discuss.

When a guy gets the sense you are being honest – he’ll be more interested and you won’t ever need to recover from something you didn’t lie about – even the little white lies!

Guys want to know who you really are, just like you want to know who he really is…don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.


Show Your Sense Of Humor

Humor can be an instant connection, it serves as an ice breaker and an indicator you’re not too serious.

When your laughing together and feel good, chances are he feels the same way. It’s a natural and mutual attraction.

**Virtually everyone is attracted to a sense of humor yet men consistently rate it even higher than women do when asked about

qualities they look for in a partner.


Similar Intellect Helps To Make Him Fall In Love

Everyone operates on a different intellect or intelligence level. Don’t be shy to reveal yours.

Guys absolutely love a woman they can talk to on the same level and on a number of subjects.

Sure there may be the odd thing that he doesn’t understand about your life or you about his; that’s only natural.

Just as a guy “in touch with his feminine side” is said to be attractive so is a bit of “nerd” in a woman. Guys are saying this is very sexy!


Sense Of Adventure

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Coulpe tandem skydiving- make him fall in love by being adventurous.

Many guys claim a woman is attractive if she posses a willingness to try something new or spontaneous

If you have something fun you love to do, bring it on – it can also take some pressure off him.

Whatever it is, these types of dates can be emotionally supercharged, and that tends to create lasting strong bonds.


Throw Subtlety Out The Window

Opportunities for romance may drift out to sea because he may need stronger signals that you are interested.

If you were dating a woman, she would be able to interpret the signals you are giving to show your interest, but guys think so differently you may need to be less subtle in your signaling that you like him. Which leads to ….

Is It Okay To Compliment And Flirt?

YES! You may have heard that giving men compliments or flirting makes him a wuss and lowers your value as a woman.
This is so not true! MEN LOVE THIS STUFF!

Just use your head – be genuine, don’t over do it and he’ll see your confident style that makes you a high value women.

By using the above tips, we’re confident you’ll be seeing a lot more of that guy your hoping will fall in love with you!


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