How To Talk To A Man


  • Ever tried talking to a man about something important and realized he just wasn't getting it?
  • Tried to show affection to a man when it felt like he was thinking about something else?
  • Done little things for a man that he ignored?

Couple sitting at diner table , she is frustrated with the conversation. She wants to know how to talk to a man.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

  • What if you could communicate with a man in special words he immediately resonates with?
  • What if you always knew the perfect words to say at the perfect time?
  • What if you knew how to speak his love lingo?

You can – and we will show you how!


Learn His Love Lingo

We perceive our world with three primary senses: sight, sound and feelings.

Here it gets interesting.

Clinical studies have found that one of the senses is dominant for each of us. We use all of our senses; however, one sense is the chief influencer over our inner and outer-world.

If you want to establish a deep, lasting connection with a man, make it your first priority to identify if he is predominately visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

It will take practice because the visual man may demonstrate auditory characteristics; the auditory man may be a wee bit touchy-feely.

We didn't say it was easy! Just don't give up.

Talk to a Guy Who Doesn't Look You in the Eyes

The first thing you will observe about a visual man is that he rarely looks you in the eye. Instead, he usually looks upward.

This doesn't mean he's a crook or liar.

He is busy making mind pictures of conversation topics or in answer to your question.

Professions: Artist, Photographer, Architect, Advertising, Landscape Designer.

Hobbies: Movie or TV watching, Art, Antique or Coin Collector, Reading.

Phrases That Indicate a Man is Visual

"Imagine how ..."
"Look at that breathtaking view!"
"I see."
"Somehow I can't picture myself doing…"
"I like to observe nature."
"I can visualise the two of us watching sunset."

Your Assignment:

Make a list of seeing words to include in your conversations with this type man - look, picture, see, clear image, colorful.

Tip: Your visual man has feelings. It's just hard for him to express himself with feeling words. Describe, describe, describe.

Is He Hearing You?

The hearing man can visualize. He may occasionally look up. Generally he looks from side-to-side, almost as if he is consulting with his ears before speaking. Actually, he is checking with his inner-voices for a conversation topic or answer to your question.

Professions: Musician, Attorney, Sound Engineer, Therapist, Telephone Sales.

Hobbies: Attending Concerts, Listening to or playing Music, Talking on Phone, Dancing,

Phrases That Indicate a Man is Auditory

"That sounds like fun."
"Do you hear the rhythm?"
"It's clear as a bell to me."
"Tell me what you think?"
"That has a negative ring."

Your Assignment: Make a list of hearing words such as: listen, so and so clicks, tuned in, harmony, noise.

Tip: Gazing into the auditory man's eyes won't persuade him that you "get" him. Frequently saying his name in a loving voice will.

How To Talk To A Man That Feels You

Imagine ringing heaven's doorbell and a kinesthetic man answers! However, precious few feeling guys walk the earth. If you connect with one, hang on to him with your heart.


Men are conditioned not to show feelings. Women are encouraged to express feelings. You do the math…

Professions: Chef, Teacher, Dentist, Doctor, Counselor, Carpenter.

Hobbies: Dancing, Cooking, Playing Sports, Swimming.

Phrases That Indicate a Feelings Man

"I don't feel comfortable..."
"This place doesn't feel right."
"Do you understand?"
"I try to keep in touch with my friends."
"That movie shook me up."
"That waiter left a sour taste in my mouth."

Your Assignment: Make a list of feeling words such as: understand, emphasize, hold me, sense, touch.

Tip: The kinesthetic man thrives on plenty of hugs and kisses. Withholding your affection in order to "show" him is a BIG mistake.

The Eyes Have It

Our eye movements mirror our inner-thoughts, revealing our love lingo.

You know how to identify the visual, auditory and feelings man. Now, you will put it into live practice.

Your assignment: spend time gazing into men's eyes. They don't have to be a love interest. Any guy will do for our purposes. Here is what to watch for:

You have learned the visual man looks skyward. He will also shift his eyes to one side or the other. Typically, when he is remembering something, he'll look to the right and to the left when imagining a future experience. Carefully frame questions to determine his 'past and future' side.

Here are some examples:

What was your cruise like? (Past)

"I loved watching the birds fly over."
"I saw incredible colors like total blueness where the ocean meets the sky."
"What would your dream vacation be like? (Future)"
"I would like to see Paris. I can visualize the quaint cafes."

Listen carefully for "seeing" words.

Watch his eyes.

Did he look to one side or the other?

It may take several questions to get an accurate "read".

The auditory man typically glances toward his right or left side, so that it's easy to confuse an auditory man with a visual man. You'll need to use your keen sense of hearing to pick up on his buzz words.

For instance, ask him what he remembers most about his childhood home. Focus on any sideways eye movements and listen for "hearing" words.

"I lived near a noisy airport and remember hearing planes flying over our house all night long."

If he responds similarly, you've got yourself a hearing guy.

The kinesthetic man looks down a lot. He's reliving a past feeling or exploring a new feeling connected with you.

Ask a feelings man about his childhood and he'll answer succinctly, it was happy or unhappy. Keep him talking.

"How wonderful! Tell me more." Or express empathy, "Oh, that's terrible. What made your childhood so unhappy?"

Before long, you'll know tons of interesting stuff about him and he'll think you understand him better than any woman he's ever met.


Pillow Talk - Sometime in the Future

  • You've met your ideal man.
  • You're in attunement with his love lingo.
  • It's time to go for the gusto!

If your ideal man is visual, leave the lights burning.

Bring on the hussy red lipstick and nail polish. Place two long stemmed red roses in a crystal vase. Put them on a table in direct line of sight from the bed. Dress the bed in colorful sheets.

Do not urge the visual man to "hurry up". He needs enough time to see the big picture, before transitioning to his feelings mode. Don't prattle on about your feelings for him. It will simply annoy him and if you persist, he just might leave.

For the auditory man skip the usual romantic trappings.

He's not interested in candlelight and incense. He probably won't notice your sexy lingerie. Just cue up his favorite tunes and crank up the sound when he arrives.

Make noise while he's making love to you. Say stuff like, "We make beautiful music together." Be like Sally in the iconic diner scene. Shout his name (you'll know when).

Your kinesthetic lover is turned on by touch and textures.

Wear your silk kimono. Put satin sheets on your bed. Shower him with kisses and say, "Umm, your lips feel soooo good."

Feed him chocolate dipped strawberries in bed. Lick that dollop of chocolate off of his lips. The kinesthetic man will follow you anywhere if it feels good.



Learn to recognize his type early in the relationship.

Persevere in your practice and you will experience greater love than you could have ever imagined.

As long as your heart is pure and your intentions are true, you have the power to work love magic in ALL your relationships.

Thanks you for reading How To talk To A Man. Please let us know your thoughts - yay or nay


  • Kelly

    Reply Reply May 26, 2015

    Intersting! I haven’t heard this before, so it will be interesting to see where my boyfriend fits in… at the moment I’m not too sure, as I think he could fit in to several different categories. I may have to try out the little tests you mentioned.

  • Ann

    Reply Reply June 4, 2015

    Good read! Though I’ve been in my marriage a while, so we have each other figured out by now! 🙂 I do have some single friends, and family that would like to check this out. I’ll definitely be sending this link.

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