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What is Your Two Word Answer to: How Can I Keep a Guy Interested?


Girl Flying like superman- surely one way to keep a guy interested.“Learn to Fly” is 3 words and if you’ve mastered that trick you don’t need our help!

Limiting your answer to two words will force you to keep it simple and get to the point.

We rarely see the obvious and tend to complicate things and make life difficult.

How about this answer…

Do Interesting.

When you do interesting things you will be interesting, which naturally keeps a guy interested.

Let us serve as your Romance Advisors and we’ll show you the correct way to keep a guy interested from “Hello” to “I do”.


Act in Your Own Best Interest

You may have been brought up to believe “man is king” - well that is baloney and if your man is King then you clearly are Queen!

You don't have to put your personal needs aside and become a love victim.

WE suggest: Never put your life on hold for a man.

Interesting women take control of their love lives. They seek satisfaction outside the relationship.

To act in your own best interest, means taking inventory of your life. Drag out those dusty dreams and pursue them. If you’ve been waiting to meet your beloved before buying that cute condo, stop waiting. If you’ve delayed a positive career change or going back to school, just do it.

Do the interesting stuff you’ve been putting off. Go to that art exhibit. Take that cruise with your BFF. Learn to golf. If you think about it, these are the places and things you'll be doing when you might meet the guy your hoping for!

Action Step: Make a list of five things you have put off doing because of a man. Make plans to do at least one of them within the next 30 days.

We Believe: When you and your man connect, you’ll have a lot of interesting stuff to share. This takes the spotlight away from always talking about the relationship. Don’t be surprised if sees you as incredibly interesting!


Flirting is Always in Style

So what about something more immediate like when you do meet someone and want to get him interested?

Hair flirtFlirting is an art mixed with a smidgeon of science. When females toss their hair they may not realize it exposes their armpit and pheromones (sex chemicals) release.

Men are infatuated with women’s hair. The next best thing to their touching and smelling a woman’s hair is watching a woman mess with her own hair.

Subtle hair gestures you can use: The Hair Toss; The Tuck (tuck your hair behind your ears); The Twirl (twirl a piece of hair around one finger); The Stroke (lightly “brush” a section of hair with your hand) and The Bangs Tousle (mess up your bangs and “brush” them back in place).

Making Eyes drives men wild! Raise your eyebrows a fraction and lower your eyelids as if you’re blushing.

Gaze at him, look away. Repeat 3-4 times. When he returns your gaze, slightly smile and look away.

Gaze at him, scan his face. Gaze into his eyes, shift your eyes to his mouth and back to his eyes.

Advanced Flirting

Look deeply into his eyes. Prolong the gaze and smile at him. He’ll practically melt into a puddle.

Lean slightly forward, lightly touch his arm, BIG SMILE. Lean back and remove your hand, all the while looking into his eyes. Note: this is a type of role-reversal that both shocks and mesmerizes your Man. For decades, it’s been his job to touch you first.

We recommend: Sticking with simple flirting until you perfect the practice. If you demonstrate hair flirting, gazing, smiling and touching when you first connect with a guy, he’ll probably think you’re afflicted with some kind of palsy.

Action Step: Practice your flirty hair moves, making eyes and smiles in front of a mirror.


How To Keep A Man Interested? Be a Mystery Magnet

Couple TalkingKeep your man curious and like a magnet you’ll always draw him back. He will be powerless to do anything else. Mystery is a powerful force with the potential to evolve your relationship from casual dating to commitment.

By nature, men are solution-oriented. They must figure things out. Don’t totally satisfy a man’s curiosity during the initial dating stage. Spilling out your life story, like a cornucopia, removes the incentive a man needs for getting to know you.

Learn to communicate in interjections and questions.

Keep him talking about himself by interjecting a few nothings such as: Wow! OMG! Really! Geez! Umm!

Ask Questions Like:

"And, how did that make you feel?"

"What happened next?"

"How did you get out of that situation?"

This guy will think he just had the most fulfilling conversation ever. Until he realizes he didn’t learn the first thing about you.

We believe: Less is the new more. Your man is drawn to what he has yet to discover, not what he already knows.


Do Sex Less To Keep A Guy Interested

Engaging in premature sex is the kiss of death when you’re seeking a committed relationship. You’ll get emotionally invested, over-romanticizing the relationship before it gets off the ground.

Guys consider premature sex a sexual conquest. Sleep with a man too soon and you’ll soon watch his back, as he bolts out the door.

It’s antiquated, it’s unfair and it just is. Unfortunately, the double standard is alive and well.

To keep a man interested, you should  avoid gratifying his sexual desires too soon. If you have even a shadow of doubt whether he will call you or not, it’s too soon.

Don’t sleep with him to satisfy your curiosity. Waiting for the right time just makes it better.

Don’t use sex as a ploy to stop him from dating other women. One night does not a monogamous man make.

Don’t use him to forget your ex.

Don’t succumb to mercy sex. No matter how much he pleads and pushes, just say no.


It's better to risk losing him to get what you want - a real relationship.


You and your man have been exclusive for over six months. Most importantly, he is falling in love with you. The question is – what can you do to get him to commit?

What you are about to learn is so easy, yet so powerful; you should probably stop and do a relationship assessment to ensure that you are really ready to move forward. Be absolutely certain that this man is the one for you.

You will make story magic, which has been successfully practiced by wise women for centuries. Yet, it has remained under the radar, so that only a select few women have used it.

When you have finished telling your story, your man will feel as if you have woven a mysterious spell that induced a perfect state of agreement. He will agree with what you want. And, furthermore he will like it.

Let’s Begin…


Invite him to come for dinner.

Men are comfortable with what they know. You must not interfere with the status quo. Do things the way you have always done them.

This is not the time to experiment with exotic dishes. Just prepare one of his favorite dinners. The scent of good food cooking will relax him.

Dress in an outfit you know he likes. Something soft and sensuous, but not overtly seductive. Spritz on his favorite perfume. Your aim is to saturate his senses.

Light the fireplace if it’s winter or a lot of candles in summer. When he arrives, he will feel warm and comfy in your home.

Have background music playing, such as Pachelbel’s Canon in D or gypsy guitar.

Remember not to try new things, or he may feel like he is being set-up.

Keep dinner conversation light and be interesting.


Getting to Yes…

Take your after dinner drinks or coffee into the living room. Dim the lights so the focus is on the fire or candle flames. Fire is the love element. Let fire do its work.

Cuddle close enough to your man so that you can touch him and watch his reactions. Relax a moment and get your breath in sync with his.

You will make a little story from four important things. He will totally agree with the first three. You are seeking an affirmative answer for the fourth statement, which is what you want.

Speak slowly in a calming voice. Pause after each part to give him time to process what you said.

Most men are visual. So, phrase your story with seeing words that will help him make long-range plans. Touch his shoulder and say something like:

Strange how tonight has worked out exactly as I imagined it would - even better actually. A romantic dinner, the great wine you brought, and now sitting here cuddling in front of the fire. Just perfect!

I am so content I could do this forever.

Can you imagine us, with a glass of wine, watching the sun set over the ocean this summer?

He can’t refuse. Together with sensory influencers, your story magic will lull him into an altered state of consciousness.



Keep practicing and soon you’ll be able to craft story magic at will. When the time is right for him to propose, chances are, he will ask without your prompting. Your Man wants a happy and healthy relationship just as much as you do.

If he needs a little nudge, you can always make story magic.

I keep seeing this picture of me in a long white dress…

You know what to do!

Now finish writing your love story!

Thanks for reading Keep A Guy Interested. Let us know what you think below.

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