Can Language of Desire Transform You Into A Sex Goddess?

Red and White box cover with handsome man and the text "The Language Of Desire, Dirty Words To Make Him Yours"

It may be a stretch to put your trust in a woman you don’t know and probably will never meet. Felicity does not ask you to do anything she has not already tried and proven effective.

It is not written in the soft, flowery manner you would expect of a woman-to-woman guide. Instead, Felicity dared to write in straight-talk, which is typically associated with men.

By injecting humor and real life vignettes, it’s a fun read. If erotica or profanity disturbs you, Language of Desire may not be your program.

UNLESS – you can find the courage to hitch up your big girl panties and metamorphose into a Sex Goddess.

In this product review we will tell you everything you need to know about Felicity Keith and her book.


When You Buy "Language of Desire" Felicity Promises:

"By the time you get to the end and put these techniques into practice, your sex life will be completely transformed. I promise…

Drive your man wild with desire for you.

If you follow the program I've created, I can guarantee that you will discover your inner Sexual Super Woman…

I will teach you one phrase every man deeply yearns to hear…

I promise I will be with you the entire way…"

Provided You Promise ...

From the git-go, it's obvious you're dealing with a savvy sensuous woman, who knows a one-sided commitment will never get you where you're going. Felicity wants you to make a promise to her and to yourself. No matter how uncomfortable or frightened the course matter seems, you must agree to proceed with openness and learn "what makes your man tick".


The Breakdown

LOD contains 10 modules. Action steps for each module are found in the attached lessons and worksheets. You won't feel inundated, as you will receive daily lessons and worksheet assignments. Work the program on the timeframe of your choice.

The end-goal is learning how to tap into male sexual psychology. The payoff – you will captivate your man through the Language of Desire!


Reviewers Note: We are seeing comments where women appear confused by looking for content that isn't there. First, realize this is not another dumb book on relationships that you will read and put on the shelf to collect dust. Language of Desire is similar to a university course in that you won't receive all the study materials and coursework on your first day.

You will receive one module at a time, so that the amount of information and homework assignments won't overwhelm you. Work the assignments in order, as the content evolves as you progress.

We urge you to resist the temptation to jump ahead to the "good stuff". It's all good stuff. To get the best benefit from the Language of Desire program, take time to process each lesson, rather than skipping to advanced methods/dirty talk.

"Done for you Texts" – is a freebie you'll receive with the program. It's also a perfect example of advanced techniques.

In other words, if you were previously a Little Miss Prissy, don't suddenly drop a sext-bomb in your partner's office. First, you must subtly nudge your relationship in the receptive direction.

Felicity composed hot text messages that "grab control of his erotic imagination". Here is one of the 200 texts – "Guess what I'm thinking about? All the ways I can make you cum…"

You can easily see that if you haven't done your homework, sending a text like this could be fatal to the relationship. However, sexting at the right time is guaranteed to fire-up his man-parts, get his motor running and distract him from important business stuff the rest of the day.

Instead, how about we take it one module at a time?


Module I: The Intro

You meet Felicity and find out why she contends LOD is her life's work. You learn that even good girls are entitled to HOT fantasies and down and dirty sexual adventures.

Module II: Become a Sexual Superwoman

We walk a fine line between wanting to expose our sensuous side and fear of being labeled a slut. We've stuffed our primal urges in a dark corner of our mind. Most of us do life complacently, believing "HE" knows what we're thinking.

Then, along comes Mother Felicity to show us how to talk dirty without feeling like a slut. It's decision time – do you want to teach your man to sit-up and beg for more?

If so, you've got to reprogram a lifetime of negative beliefs about sex. She suggests starting with affirmations, such as "I am in touch with my sexual desires."

You'll learn the Madonna Moan based on "copulatory vocalizations". A great example is the iconic diner scene from When Harry Met Sally.

Stay with the program and if you want some of what Sally's having!

Module III: Loving Man's Best Friend

Men and women are polar opposites where the sex is concerned.

Men want erotic, fan-f'***ing-tastic sex with a woman who adores his penis.

Women want roses and moonlight, romantic lovemaking with a man who's got a slow hand.

When you master what your man wants and give it to him, he will reciprocate and give you what you want.


But, that comes later...

Girl holding her finger as though whispering. Text in foreground : How to make your man sexually obsessed with you and only you without even touching him."

First, you've gotta learn how to speak his primal language. Felicity lists examples of dirty words and phrases to practice in the comfort of your home.

Next, you'll be taken on a guided tour of his penis. Why he loves it unconditionally and thinks you should too. Why his member is an extension of him, albeit with a mind of its own.

To lend authenticity to her work, Felicity interviewed men regarding their penis-obsession. One guy responded: My dick is half my identity.



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Module IV - Brain Chemistry and Sex

Your guy is hard-wired to love blow jobs more than his mom's apple pie with Super Bowl tickets on top. There's a bunch of scientific stuff in this module about brain pathways and so on. Read it.

Let's look at the section on "Pavlov's Erection".

Once there was an old Russian dude named Pavlov, who discovered "classical conditioning" quite by accident. Now, we have no desire to be the fly in Felicity's soup by revealing all. Here's a capsule:

You will designate a signature object or action to condition your man to expect a blow job. Each time he sees you with the object or doing the action, he will react to the trigger with a "Pavlov erection".

In the section "Sexual Singularity", Felicity delivers on her promise – to teach you the one phrase every man yearns to hear. When you find out what it is, you'll wonder why in the heck you never thought of it.

Module V – Erotic Action Movie Technique

It would be a spoiler of the most devastating kind to elaborate.

Module VI – Desire Intensifiers

"Crank up the Heat", by introducing sexual tension. You'll learn to titillate your guy with word-foreplay until you connect again. Obviously, we aren't talking migraine type tension. You'll give him an adrenaline jolt to amplify the passion and fun in your relationship.

You'll learn when and how to initiate "The Tease Intensifier". This is vital if you want your guy to believe he just can't get enough of you. It's a little known part of the "go-away, come-closer" dance that all couples do. By using tease intensifiers – you are in control; you exacerbate his sexual frustration; you keep him coming back for more.

The "Oral Intensifier" section contains a Pre-oral Primer, detailing all-things blow job. You'll feel like a Sexual Superwoman when you master the art of oral intensification.

Module VII – Upgrade Your Relationship Status

This module is for the benefit of our single sisters who are casual dating, yet desire a long-term relationship. It's about taking inventory of his qualities outside the bedroom. Mother Felicity shines her brightest with a lot of practical advice and a few warnings.

Don't get cocky! Thanks to the Language of Desire you've got the power to hook just about any man you date and reel him in with your newfound skills. However, you'll be in for a miserable life if sizzling sex is all you have in common.

Module VIII – Getting Your Fantasies Met

You've been tending to your man-garden up to now. It's about time you planted desire seeds of your own fantasy life. Felicity lists keywords relating to fantasy sex, clothing and place. Then you are tasked to script your favorite fantasy scenario and record it in your journal.

Program image for LOD with box cover, booklets and Cd'sNext, you'll text clues, drop subtle suggestions and "tease" him into getting the Big IT. Eventually your guy will believe it was his idea and do all he can to help manifest your fantasy.

The last part of this module, "50 Shades of Experimenting" takes you for a walk on the darker side of sexual exploration. If it appeals, read and learn. But, take your reviewer's advice to heart - You'd damn well better trust your partner with your life.

Take a pass, if you're not into pain, bondage and domination. Just don't deny yourself of the entire program based on one chapter. Felicity constantly reinforces not to try a thing if it makes you uncomfortable.

Module IX – When Sex Isn't Possible

So, your sex life is ecstatic. Until something comes along to burst that blissful bubble…you become geographically incompatible when one partner must travel extensively…one partner contracts a medical condition, etcetera.

In Felicity's words, "Sex is more than penis in vagina".

Phone sex is old as dirt but it works. Sexting was the latest best thing until Skype™. With Skype, you can pose for naughty photos in real-time, while your man salivates.

Have fun getting "Dirty from a Distance".

Module X – Dirty Talk Mastery 

Congratulations brilliant woman! Here is where you earn your Sex Goddess wings. All the modules fit together in "Fine Tuning your Technique" and you will see the big picture. Here is also where you get do-overs. If you were dissatisfied with any part of your practice, Simon Says – try, try again.

If you forget how you did something, it's easy to refer to that particular lesson.

Finally, in "Planning Dirty Deeds" Felicity shares the secret of how to space out your over the top sexual adventures, so that you won't get totally exhausted with always being "on".


Let's look at pros and cons of Language of Desire!

LOD is downloadable in PDF format through your member area. Or, you can read content on your desktop computer, iPhone, tablet, etc. Audio version is also downloadable on MP3 or other devices.

Budget-friendly price.

Bonus e-books included.

Easy-to-read language. Contains worksheets and actionable practice lessons.

No risk – 60-day money back guarantee.


Sensitive women who are adverse to or whose religion does not permit highly-flavored sexual language may not be able to adapt to the program.

Available only in digital format. Some women still want to hold a hard copy book in their hand.

What about Testimonials?

It's hard to tell if testimonials are real, or if they are the product of a marketing expert to hype sales. However, if LOD measures-up to what Angelgirl writes, you will probably want some of what she's having:

“Brought my ex husband back!” “Hi I really loved this program I was divorced for about a year still could not get over my soul mate. I tried dating and it just didn't feel my heart. Then I tried your techniques in your language of desire on my ex husband everything fell into place the passion is hotter than before and we are starting a new life again... He asked me to marry him and our marriage is the best Just making small changes can give you a lifetime of happiness…" Thank you for this fantastic program *****Angelgirl****




Our Conclusion on Language of Desire:

It is unusual for us to review a work that we can endorse in every respect. Felicity Keith's LOD is a rare find.

It's a win/win to purchase this e-course. If you absolutely hate it, take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee.

Chances are, you'll absolutely love becoming the Sex Goddess you always knew you could be, if only you knew how. Enjoy the journey!


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