What Is Obsession Phrases And Is It Right For You?


Obsession Phrases? ==> Yes there are key phrases that make a man obey your every whim and think it was his idea. Think you can handle that?


Kelsey Diamond hits it out of the park with Obsession Phrases (OP), a program that fosters every woman’s understanding of her man.

As assistant to a hypnosis coach, Diamond discovered that particular phrases elicit euphoric emotions in the brain, much like opiates.

She calls them emotional trigger phrases.

Obsession Phrases Review:


Diamond scores a solid in our playbook with the observation: Feelings don’t have eyes. What a relief to discover that guys don’t always go for the long legged blonde with a beautiful body.

When females say the right thing, at the right time, the male mind views even the plainest Jane as awesomely attractive.

Ask yourself: How many times have you noticed a woman, with ugly she hasn’t even used yet, walking hand in hand with a hunk?

Do you wish you knew her secret? Diamond calls it Verbal Attraction. She promises if you learn to use correct words to generate male attraction, you’ll hit a home run before the opposition gets up to bat

In return, Diamond requests that you put what you learn into real life practice.


Understanding the Male Mental Theater

Here, Diamond explains how mental imaging works and shows how to prompt the male mental theater. When you use the suggested phrases, your man will see images on his mind screen, which will evoke corresponding emotional responses. Then his brain will discharge the appropriate chemicals that are tied to the emotion and incite action.

So much for our quasi-scientific explanation… Here is the easy way to understand mental imaging. Imagine you are making sandwiches and you ask your guy if he prefers turkey or peanut butter.

He will not see your words flash across his mental screen. He will see images that link with his experiences. Maybe when his mom made peanut butter sandwiches, she cut off the crusts because he didn't like them.

So he asks for a peanut butter sandwich based on happy memories. His brain will recognize the happiness emotion and release chemicals from its pleasure center. These natural chemicals are similar to narcotics.


Note: Mental imaging, per se, is not new. In 1922, French hypnotherapist, Emile Coue, explored the topic in detail. At its essence, imaging is imagination. Coue and others who followed in time, such as Norman Vincent Peale, promoted the use of mental imaging for self-development.

With the idea that mind, body and spirit are one, positive imaging acts as a problem solver, whole body healer, success enhancer and personality improver.


Diamond applies a modern spin on this really old metaphysical concept. You may have heard it referred to as creative visualization or mind pictures.

Diamond will show you certain types of words, which when used, bring your man to the point of worship. Basically, the first chapter is devoted to OP, which she designated to hinge on your man's deepest desires.

While you are busy getting your guy emotionally tied to your apron strings, he's getting all comfy-cozy in your presence. As you maintain constant mental imaging in his male mental theater, he begins imagining (imaging) life with you as a long series of cliff-hangers. He would never know what wonderful surprise you have waiting in the wings.

And, he likes that!





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Big Secret of Obsession Phrases

You'll learn how to 'dangle the carrot' in front of your guy, always keeping it just out of his reach. You'll find out how to stir his emotions, to make him wonder what's coming next. You'll dangle that carrot each time you go separate ways.

In short, it's all about "I like it when you…, but I wish…" Except you don't tell him exactly what you wish, you make him wonder.

You are trading on the powerful mystique factor that savvy women have practiced for centuries.

You are carefully crafting a circle of ambiguity in his mind where he'll find himself east of the rock and west of the hard place, if he tries to flee from you.


In no particular order here are Kelsey Diamonds Obsession Phrases 

Whiz Bang Phrases

Looks aren't all that. Beautiful women attract men like quarters to a slot-machine. But, are looks enough to sustain a long-term relationship? Hardly ever.

Diamond says a time comes in the relationship when men aren't as enamored with a woman's physical attributes. She calls this "visual blur".

To combat visual blur, you must expose your weaknesses. You will show great courage in owning your vulnerabilities. He will gain respect for you. This is called a win-win.

Love Cocktail Phrases

Men pull away. Men leave. Men vanish. Men dump women for no apparent reason. It happens every day and it's not fair. Diamond reveals a failsafe remedy for this ages-old dilemma.

Pay particular attention to the don'ts. For example, don't grovel. You can't make him love you if you send dozens of text messages, e-mails or leave cutesy messages on his answering machine.

If he's emitting 'leaving' vibes, don't cajole the dude with homemade comfort food or transparent little nothings from the secret store.

And, in the name of all that is good, don't hold your man hostage. Tie him to a short leash and he'll breakaway at the first opportunity.

Diamond gives your self-esteem a big boost with love cocktail phrases.

Secret Fantasy Phrases

The author takes us on a tour of the image processing brain. She contends you can make a man sexually attracted to you with obsession phrases that combine in his subconscious mind and explode into lucid images in his brain.

By using secret fantasy phrases, you will be satisfying his unrealized desires via deadly effective imagery.

Diamond provides tension buildup phrases that tune-up your man's emotions and leave him wanting more. She advocates the use of statements that coerce him to unite his psyche with your body; thus, giving a new connotation to the meaning of oneness.

Razzle-Dazzle Phrases

Each chapter of the OP is self-contained. This allows you to work them according to the current level of your relationship. For example, Razzle-Dazzle phrases are well-suited for first dates or at the beginning of a relationship.

Diamond teaches how to create a legitimate sense of intrigue. Or, don't spill your guts on the table when you first meet a guy. Men are into the thrill of pursuit. If you tell-all on the first date, he will have no impetus to continue the chase.

Her techniques are designed to extend your intriguing self to the point he understands you find him of interest. At the same time, he'll realize the need to make a conscious effort to keep you.

Razzle-Dazzle phrases will serve as his motivation to figure out your uniqueness. You will feed him one crumb of information at a time and he will keep coming back.

Everlasting Attraction Phases

Mastering Everlasting Attraction phrases fuels your female empowerment. If you believe in soul mates, according to Diamond, you can attain a soul mate-esque connection with any man.

To solidify his Everlasting Attraction, you must make him picture you as his dream girl. Easier to accomplish than it appears at first glance, Diamond maintains.

Seeing you as a wellspring of pleasing-feelings will awaken his primal instincts and rouse his manly ego. He will see himself as your protector and fight to the death for you.

You will exert such incredible influence over this man's life; his total essence can be altered. Diamond has designated special "weaponized" phrases allowing you to influence his desire level to become synonymous with yours.

The idea is to get him to obsess about seeing you again each time he thinks about you.

Obey Me Phrases

Diamond introduces her three-pronged Indirect-Direct formula, which hinges on: suggestion plus reason and benefit equal persuasion. The presumption is that your man will be more inclined to accept your suggestion if you provide a reason and a benefit.

The formula addresses if only. You know, "If only he would pay more attention to me". "If only he would take me out to dinner more often." And, so on

The author contends Obey Me phrases a proven technique that persuades your man to meet your daily needs. When men are advised to do something, their first thought is "where's my payoff".

The formula quells that question with its built-in benefit phase.

Permanent Obsession Phrases

Here Diamond shares Frame Control, the foundation of her 'work'. This is the 'how to' of her entire program, with Frame Control acting as the parent from which OP were birthed.

Permanent OP afford you dominance over other women who want the man you want. You'll learn to make a kick-ass first impression and flip the script on the manly belief that he is in control of the relationship.

You'll be like a puppet master pulling invisible strings. Whatever he does or says you'll flip his words back to him after having made a few tweaks. He'll never guess that the final decision was yours, not his. For example:

Man: I don't think we're compatible.

You: My thoughts precisely. You and I march to different drummers. We would make a peculiar couple. I'm a handful and obviously a bit too much for you to hold onto. We'd be better suited as friends.

Note: This was patterned from a Permanent Obsession phrase.

You have effectively altered the crux of the dialogue to make it appear as if you were doing the rejecting from the get-go.



 Diamond earnestly believes she has uncovered 'secrets' for attracting your man and keeping him emotionally attached to you and only you.

However, Diamond makes no secret that the entire program is a form of mind control, using a very simple tool, words. Mind control may be a stretch, yet by presenting the images she suggests along with your mans imagination, you will be steering the relationship to the extent he is going along with it. 

She bases her work, in part, on Neuro-linguistic programming and imaging. These techniques have proven powerfully effective when used for self-development. Obsession Phrases is not so much about self development but helping you control where the relationship goes. It's up to you to use these techniques responsibly.

By covertly using the tactics Diamond advocates - and she says it herself - you can manipulate your man's state of being to make him obsessed with you. If this resonates with your energy, OP may be just what you've always wanted.


Our Verdict:

Ultimately, we believe it is your responsibility to investigate before you invest in any relationship advice program for women.

Our investigation found this product is one of CB's all time best sellers with a very low refund rate, so there is value to the consumer. If Obsession Phrases isn't your cup of tea, there is a 60 day no hassle refund. It just takes an email to the support line.

Final Thoughts: If you want to bend your man's will to do your bidding and control more aspects of the relationship, you won't be disappointed with Obsession Phrases.


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